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Having your local time and date is essential to your viewing schedule. We all know what time our favourite programmes are on, according to our local time zone. The last thing we want is for you to settle down to watch a program at 8pm because you have seen it on the TV Guide, only to find out it doesn’t start until 9pm your local time.

To change the local time to your own:

Go to Settings, then Localisation,

Go down to Country, press ‘OK” and choose your country from the drop down list.

Highlight “City” press “OK” and click the “KB” (keyboard) button on your remote

start to type your city and all available options will pop up, once you see yours press the “KB” button again (to remove the keyboard from the screen) and choose your city.

Using the selections above the timezone should change to your local time zone.

(e.g. Europe/Madrid)

Go down to “OK” at the bottom and click on it to save changes.

After changing time zones you will be prompted that the box will have to reboot to apply changes. Click on “OK” to do so.

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