Home Automation

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Smart Lighting

Smart lighting provides warmth and flexibility and enhances the key interior and architectural features of any property.

Because of modern advancements in technology new homes are now being built with Artificial Intelligence integrated into the fabric of their structures. Smart lighting is at the forefront of these new properties and will soon become a part of every day life.  

Moreover, smart lighting control systems make lighting an even more valuable part of our lives through intelligent automation which improves, security, ease of use and integration with other services in your property.

Motion Detected


Savvy AI can make your lights come on automatically when you enter the room. Not only that but they can automatically switch off after no movement is detected for a specific amount of time. With the rights sensors we can set your lights to only switch on when its dark enough in the room.

Time Related


Maybe you would prefer your lights to come on and off at a specific time of day. Savvy AI can set this up, not only to turn on and off at a pre-selected time but only do so if a family member is home.

If there is no one in the house then we can set the lights to not come on at all, saving you money and protecting the enviroment.



Do you have movie nights? dinner parties? or romantic evenings at home?

Savvy AI can set scenes so at the sound of your voice you can set the mood lighting in your home to fit the ambiance in your home. Controlling scenes from your phone or tablet is just one tap away.

Voice Activated


Have you ever walked into the lounge sat down in your favorite spot on the sofa only so see you have accidentally left the kitchen light on?

“Alexa, Switch off the kitchen light”

Not a problem when you have smart lighting. Stay relaxed and let AI do the work

Smart Climate Control

Come back from work or holidays to an appropriately heated house. Filled with fresh, properly humid air. Use schedules and adjust heating to the needs of your family at every time of day and during every season of the year. Remotely manage ventilation and heating and be prepared for every situation. Save money with no effort.
Effective ventilation management at every time of a year. Remote/automatic day/night/holiday mode management. Heating only in chosen spaces. Feel the comfort Quality and temperature management based on residents’ daily activities. Remote air quality and temperature management. Automatic regulation and monitoring of air quality and temperature.

Smart Garages & Gates

Making your garage smart is easier than you think. With a simple device we can simulate button presses. This means we can replicate you pressing the button to open and close your garage door and/or gates from your phone or tablet. Never get locked out again. Let the postman in to drop off a package.

Not only can we provide a way to control your garage doors and gates from your phone, but you can also get real time notifications. Get notified when the garage or gate opens or closes. With an extremely clever and imaginative device, you don’t even have to touch anything to open and close your garage or gates. Have it open automatically as you start your car. Then close automatically as you drive away. Arrive back home and it’ll open up all by itself. Park and turn off the car, it will close again.

Voice Control

Smart home voice enabled assistants are becoming extremely popular. More and more people are using them every day for every day advice like weather updates, traffic reports on your route to work. Random questions you have get answered in a matter of seconds. Play your favorite songs through apple music or spotify, Listen to your favorite radio station through tunein. You can call a friend that also has a smart speaker, use the speakers as internal intercom systems and announce to the whole house that dinner is ready. Of course the main reason we supply voice enables smart speakers is for the smart home functionality. Switch on the lights, Turn on or off the air conditioning, even pause and adjust the volume on specific TV  models. The possibilities are growing and growing with Savvy AI, you can experience it all.

"Alexa, Switch on the bedroom TV"

Using the Infrared Repeater we can simulate any button on any remote control, enabling Alexa to switch on and off your TV ect.

"OK Google, Start the kids bedtime routine"

Set a routine that once started, switches on the children’s reading lamps and switches them off again when its time to sleep

"Hay Siri, Open the living room blinds"

By using motorized blinds Savvy AI can integrate them into virtual assistants having them open and close from the sound of your voice

"Alexa, its too dark in here"

Set specific phrases to act in any way you like. You can add as many different phrases as you like, the only limit is your imagination

Control From Anywhere

Manage your lights, air conditioning units, gates and blinds at home or remotely in the most convenient way. With a click in the app adjust selected spaces or the entire house to your preferences. Control your home while away and simulate your property being occupied while you are not home. Never wonder if you left the light on while you are away again. With a glance of the app you can check and turn lights on and off within seconds


Get notified when motion is detected at your home while you are away, when the doors open or close even when your alarm or safety sensors are triggered. Having all of this information in your pocket gives you piece of mind that your home is in good safe hands letting you know if anything if wrong.

Why not have a door sensor on your gates and be notified the minute they open. Letting you know the kids have arrived home from school safely.

Or have motion sensor on your front door notifying you if someone approaches your house while you are not there.

Notifications are a must have with home automation.