Home Networks

Give your WiFi a boost and stay connected with smartphones and tablets as you move around your home. Lower your monthly bills by using better WiFi instead of your mobile data plans.

Wifi Access Points

Large residences typically require more than one access point, whereas businesses may employ dozens of APs.

In a home, this option requires connecting your primary wireless router to the second access point with ethernet cable.

Installing an access point this way will give maximum performance out of your wireless network.

For any house, a sluggish, unreliable internet connection is a source of immense
annoyance, so let us take away this headache with professional wifi in your home.
The internet is completely incorporated into our lives and, as such,
a good broadband link for prospective buyers is becoming increasingly necessary.
Enable our specialists to step in, take away this
headache and ensure that your home has outstanding WiFi.

But Why?

Extend your existing WiFi network to places out of reach with your existing WiFi. It’s ideal for adding additional connectivity to your smartphone or tablet. Just plug into an electrical outlet and give your WiFi new reach.

  • Boost existing WiFi coverage

  • Improve WiFi strength for smartphones, iPads®, and more

  • Helps eliminate WiFi dead zones

  • Reduce 3G/4G mobile data usage

  • Works with existing WiFi equipment

  • Easy installation