4G Internet

Mobile broadband that works anywhere in Spain. Your 4G router will provide you with stable and fast internet without any additional cabling, it just needs power and away you go! Fantastic solution for bars, businesses and your home! Take it anywhere in Spain for a stable internet connection.

Why use 4G?

This solution is for anyone who can’t get fiber. It’s very simple…

The high-speed Internet connection provided is generally faster than the traditional dial-up using ADSL, and its price is comparable to ADSL, which is very suitable for customers who cannot obtain fixed line service. 4G is normally more stable and can provide greater speeds than most Wimax Systems too.

Get Connected

Our affordable package is very suitable for home and business use. Whether you need it for IPTV, Netflix, streaming music, or just requiring Wi-Fi throughout your home, We have the solution for you. No land line is required. Whether you live in a town or in the campo, we can provide you with 4G broadband Internet, with a speeds of up to 70Mbps. 4G gives you the option to connect the whole family to the high-speed Wi-Fi in your home.