Set Top Box Setup

If you already own a box, you can use it with our service without any extra charges and fees (You still need to have a TV subscription).

If you do not have the box yet, you can get one directly from us. Our boxes come


Follow this simple guide to connect your MAG set top box to our service.

1) Go into inner portal

Power cycle your box and hold the ‘gear’ or ‘Set’ button located on the top right of your

remote. Or wait for the ‘Loading Portal’ message and press ‘Menu’

2) Go into settings

As you are in the inner portal, press ‘gear’ button on the remote again to get into settings menu. Note: There is a settings menu gear icon in the portal also, this is the wrong menu. You need the one that is accessed by gear or set button on the remote.

3) Select ‘Servers’ option

4) Select ‘Portals’ option

5) Type the URL provided in your purchase email into Portal 1 URL or Portal 2 URL field

You can connect USB keyboard to the box or use virtual keyboard (keyboard button on the remote)

6) Press ‘OK’ button to save the changes

7) Power cycle your box

Now your box will load up the TV portal

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