How to search the Video Club

Scrolling through hundreds of pages to find something to watch can be time consuming. In this video we will be showing you how to search for a specific title in the video club. Or narrow the options down to a specific genre, release date or title name.

  • Go into the Video Club,
  • Press the blue button,
  • you will have two options, search and picking,
  • Click search to search for a spastic title. A keyboard will pop up,
  • type what you are looking for,
  • press the keyboard button on your remote to remove the keyboard,
  • click on “OK” (bottom left of the box)
  • Click on picking and a wheel will pop up in the bottom right,
  • use the up, down, left right to filter the titles by genre, release year or name,
  • when you are done press “OK”
  • press the blue button twice (to remove the picking wheel)
  • find your movie/series/documentary and enjoy

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