Access on Amazon Fire Stick


Before we start, you need to make sure “unknown apps” can be installed on your fire stick. To do that you need to:

Click Settings – Click My Fire TV – Click Developer Options – Click Apps from Unknown Sources to turn it on – Click Turn On

Now we can continue with the installation.

1, Go to amazon search icon and type downloader and install it.

2, Start downloader, enter this url –

3, You will see a message on your screen and a download button. Click the button to download the file.

4, When prompted click install, then launch. The app is now downloaded and installed. You can find it in the Recent section of the Home tab on your Fire Sticks main screen.

Now lets get the App Set up:

1, The first thing you will see is a welcome screen. Click Configure Application to start the setup.

2, Go down and Click Profiles.

3, Click New Profile #XXXXXX.

4, If you want you can change the profile name. Any Name can be give here…

5, Next go to Portal Settings

6, Click on Portal URL

7, Change the Portal server URL. Contact us if you don’t have the portal URL. We will provide the URL upon subscribing to the service. (Please finish the setup before subscribing as we need the mac address in a little further down in this post).

8, Next go to the previous page & Click STB Configuration

9, Click STB Model

10, Select the MAG box Version to Emulate. (The MAG 254 is the most widely compatible).

11, Next make note of the MAC address. You will need to provide this to us for your account activation.

12, Now you can EXIT. Press the back button a few times and you will see the blue default portal. Press the menu button (3 horizontal lines on your remote) and go to Exit at the bottom to exit the app.

13, Restart the app and you should boot into the portal and start watching from there.

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